The faculty at The Suzuki Violin School of Troy are committed to enriching the lives of children through the study of music. We offer instruction in violin and viola. Our teaching follows the philosophy and principles of the world renowned pedagogue, Shinichi Suzuki. We teach using "the mother tongue" approach, allowing the student to focus on posture, tone, intonation and musicality. The important skill of reading music is added to the curriculum after the basic skills of playing the instrument are mastered. What we hope to achieve in our music instruction is to instill in all children a love of music. The primary goal of Suzuki training is not limited to producing great artists. We strive to help every child find the joy that comes through music making and the beautiful heart that comes with it. Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in a total environment of support; they develop confidence and positive self esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline and concentration, as well as a lasting enjoyment of music, and the sensitivity and skill for making music.


First United Presbyterian Church of Troy

1915 Fifth Avenue

Troy, NY

Phone: (413) 464 3837